Ray's Kettle Korn

Many people we’ve spoken with over the years thought that all kettle corn was created from a single recipe... until they sampled ours. When you stop to consider the many varieties of popcorn, popping oils, and sweeteners to choose from, it’s simply impossible for there to be a single kettle corn recipe.

Mass produced, store bought kettle corns often contain artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, preservatives and high amounts of sodium and sweeteners. On the other hand, Ray’s Kettle Korn is made from Nebraskan popcorn that is farm-grown, all-natural, whole grain, GMO-free and gluten-free. We then add soybean oil, sugar and some popcorn salt (yes, there is such a salt.) Our kettle corn is also non-greasy on your fingertips.

Basically, there are thousands of kettle corn recipes around the world. It’s up to each individual kettle corn popper to try and create a real “crowd pleaser.” We’re very happy and proud to say that our hard work has paid off and we’ve managed to create the perfect kettle corn taste; a fine combination of slightly sweet and slightly salty that thousands of folks have been enjoying for many years.

If you're unfamiliar with our kettle corn and would like to taste it prior to placing a larger order we have our sample bag available for purchase so that you may compare it to other products you may have already tried. The price includes shipping.

We know that not every diet allows for added sugar, so we also offer an unsweetened version of our kettle corn. For this product, we utilize the same popping process as our regular kettle corn…except no sugar is added. In our opinion, it’s the most delicious unsweetened popcorn you’ll ever taste. Why not plan to order one of our sample bags* and see if you don’t agree with us!

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About Ray's Kettle Korn

The very first kernel of Ray’s Kettle Korn was sold out of a small tent in 2000. Over the years we have expanded into a trailer and have had the pleasure of setting up at numerous events throughout New England and New York. We’ve met so many wonderful people along the way and have received thousands of fantastic comments about our unique kettle corn recipe. See what some of our customers have had to say

Our delicious, old-fashioned kettle corn is available in gift bags, party boxes and party favors, which we deliver to homes and businesses for any occasion. We also ship our gift bags to all 50 states.


Around the early 1700's some pioneering farmer got the idea to mix hog lard and an available sweetener (perhaps molasses or honey) with corn kernels in a large cast iron kettle. The kettle was placed over an open fire and stirred with a large wooden paddle. Everyone must have enjoyed watching and listening to all that popping, as long as you weren't the one who had to take that darned hot kettle off the fire. Could be that watching the kettle coming off the fire made for some exciting times too. This original kettle corn was considered a real treat after a hard day of farming or rendering lard from hogs. 

Well, some things do change... the lard was replaced by soybean oil, the sweetener was changed to sugar and the wood was replaced by propane. Even the popcorn is now a higher grade. However, some things do remain the same... after a long hard day of work you can still enjoy the delicious flavor of Ray's Kettle Korn... without the inconvenience of dealing with an open fire and having to handle a hot heavy kettle.